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Modeling Tips


1. Do NOT keep CA glues next to the Labelle lubricants when servicing your loco's!


2. This tip from compliments of Jim Betz, Yahoo! TCS-Decoder group.


To the list of things to use when installing decoders and/or lighting and/or speakers I'd like to add: Elmer's Tack - think "reusable clay like polymer that sticks to any clean surface" and you have it). I use tack to hold LED’s in place, to route wiring, and even to hold a can motor to a "saddle" motor mount. Tack is especially useful for mounting speakers because a very small 'rope' of it that you form by rolling it between your fingers can become a great combination sound isolation
gasket and hold down.


Krystal Klear - this MicroScale product has only one drawback as an adhesive. It has a very long drying time. But it dries clear and does not craze or mar paint, it can be softened and removed with a drop of water (let sit for at least 30 mins), it can be used to "seal a hole" (it is sold as an alternative for doing windows), and it forms a "fillet" to any corner – which adds -considerable- mechanical strength to the joint (e.g. when mounting cab shades or LEDs in a headlight/marker). There are very few loco/rolling stock projects I do any more that don't have some KK some where.


I also use Kapton tape for all of the previously mentioned uses. And when I'm putting in actual glazing I sometimes use Kapton (and other times use KK).


3. How many times have you dropped a smaill part on the floor/carpet when you're are working on a model?  Well, I have and have found that a lilnt roller works very well in finding the missing piece.  Scotch Brite roller comes with many sheets, so it lasts a long time.  Try it.  It will save a lot of time on your hands and knees.

4. When working with small screws, try using a small bit of poster putty (handy tack) on the end of your screw driver to hold the screw.

10 Model Train Tips to Help You Save Time and Frustration

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