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Yard Renovation

The yard that we currently use are in need of some updating, as they have been in use for over 30+ years.

In order to accommodate bigger 6 axle locomotives, we must do away with the #4 switches, once an N-Trak Standard and use #8 Large switches which is a long switch, longer cars such as Auto Racks, Passenger cars, 89' Flat Cars can switch easier and less likely cause a derailment.

Current Yard Layout
Member Approved Replacement

With the new replacement yard, Designed by member, Mark Schubert; This will increase the efficiency of sorting and building manifests, in addition help cut down on the number of derailments.

The switches will be Peco Large Insulfrog #8's, the sidings will be Atlas Flex Track, and Midwest Cork will be the road bed.

Topeka N-Trak runs 3 main lines, with a few passing sidings, a staging yard and a few utilities on code 80 track in a rectangle.

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